GBM Insiders

Summer 2014

The Difference of 100 and 99 – the Significance of One

GBM’s recent newsletter articles contained a lot of numbers, as my previous article was entitled “GBM’s Core Value – Give 110 Percent Every Day.” This time, we are talking about 99 and 100.

I would like to focus on the significance of one, as in the difference between 100 and 99. Why is it so important to set the goal at 100, not 99? What is the big deal when the difference is only one? I think the dif- ference can be explained in the fol- lowing ways:

1. GBM’s motto is “Zero Defects,” not “Satisfaction Guaranteed with a 1% Defect.” I always say that GBM does not compromise with quality under any circumstances, including those accounts that have price-driven, lowest price contracts or those accounts with modified cleaning specifications. Thus, we are aiming for 100, not 99. I know we are not perfect and we sometimes make mis- takes. But, our intention has always been to provide the best service.

2. It is the difference between “what we want to do” versus “what we have to do.” It is a constant battle of self- discipline for GBM executives, managers and cleaners. It is not simply a comparison between “to play” versus “to work.” It is to put 100 percent effort into everything we do, whether we are preparing a report for our customer, responding to our customer’s e-mail, vacuuming corners and edges, making sure that we put trash receptacle neatly, or anything else we do daily. Sometimes an extra five minutes by each cleaner to detail clean and an extra 10 minutes by each supervisor to make sure we do everything correctly represents the difference of “one.”

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