“I convinced our owners to switch to GBM in 1998 because, based on what I saw in how GBM does business, I could make thing better in my buildings while cultivating and monitoring a mutually beneficial trusting relationship. Things are better in my building and I was right…”
— Peter G. Foster, Kiniry and Company

“I just wanted to take a moment to say that GBM has proven to be a very capable, customer oriented janitorial service that has exceeded my expectations. As you know GBM has performed the janitorial service for our corporate office building for over 8 years and has, time and again, demonstrated consistency in both quality and service. Thank you, GBM, for doing a great job!”
— Steve Hoyt, Director/Facility Support, Pemco Aeroplex, Inc.

“We are a new customer of General Building Maintenance and want to tell you how happy we are with their excellent services. It is wonderful to walk on shiny floors and to have employees stop me in the hall and tell me how much cleaner the facility is,”They clean under the desks and the crumbs are gone, the floors shine and they don’t miss my trash like the other company did”. The Managers and Directors that stay later in the evening often comment about the dedication of Robert, the supervisor. He is on top of his crew and makes sure everything is completed before they leave each night. The workers are all courteous and friendly. Thank you, General Building Maintenance for taking such excellent car of us and please keep up the great work!!!”
— Barb Loeper, Sr. Facility Manager, Cigna Healthcare

“General Building Maintenance has been providing janitorial service for Compass Bank’s Corporate Headquarters Building in Birmingham, AL for approximately ten years. Compass has set very high standards for maintaining the appearance and general upkeep of the building. GBM has done their
part by consistently delivering a clean building. They employ competent, caring and trustworthy
people. The occasional problems that we have are handled without hesitation. As Property Manager,
I am comforted by knowing that GBM will do the job they are hired to do, allowing me to focus on
other areas of responsibility…”
— Jeannie Knowles, Jones Lang LaSalle Regional Property Manager

“GBM has been our janitorial service for a little more than a year. We have been extremely pleased with the quality service that this company has provided. We also have been very impressed with the integrity demonstrated by the GBM employees that service our site. One morning I came into work to find a men’s wristwatch laying on my desk with a note indicating that the GBM Rep. had found the watch laying in the men’s restroom. What an incredible testimony to the honesty of that employee.
We appreciate the dedication that these GBM employees show to the services they provide and also their integrity.”
— Cathy Sweatt, MetLife

“GBM’s dedicated staff provides us with superb service and rapid response. It is a pleasure to do business with such a professional company whose performance goes above and beyond our expectations.”
— Ann Hode, Property Manager, Wilder Corporation

“GBM is a vendor that I would highly recommend to any other property managers. When faced with a problem, I always obtain prompt, courteous and pleasant responses. If I have a question with regard to pricing or service, you are always willing to investigate the issue and come to a solution that is fair and equitable to both parties…”
— JoAnn C. Gounaud, Property Manager, Colliers Arnold