GBM’s Quality Assurance Mission Statement reads as follow:

“To insure customer satisfaction by providing quality services on a consistent basis; thus enabling them the highest quality work environment to develop an exceptional workforce and standard that are recognized as the finest in the building service industry”

Our goal at GBM is “ZERO DEFECTS”. As a part of our commitments, GBM completed a very strict audit process and was certified to the ISO 9002, International Quality Standard, in December, 2000. GBM’s Quality Assurance Programs accountability and provide structural methods to evaluate and control quality levels. Each facility under contract to GBM is personally inspected by a GBM Manager
on a pre-scheduled basis.
Additionally, all locations undergo rigorous planned and surprise inspections on a regular basis, by all levels of management staff, including corporate executives.

GBM utilizes the following tools to better ensure to attain our goal of “ZERO DEFECTS”:
– Communication Log Books
– Quality Control Inspection Forms
– Systematic Document Control Systems including Computer Generated
– Maintenance Schedule
– Customer Questionnaires