Spring 2010 News

GBM Insiders

Spring 2010
Oh, What a Feeling!
Some people might think that we janitors don’t have respectful jobs as we make a daily living by cleaning up other people’s messes. I think that actually insults our important profession. As I have been saying for the last 28 years, we are a team that manufactures clean spaces every […]

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Fall 2009 News

GBM Insiders

Fall 2009
Appreciating the “Small Fish”
One of the things I love about Jacksonville is that we are close to the ocean. This allows me to go deep sea fishing with my family a couple of times a year. I don’t usually catch much; at least not many keepers. On a recent trip it was pretty […]

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Summer 2009 News

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Summer 2009
GBM-Mid-Atlantic Region Is Going Strong
Greetings from the newly formed Mid-Atlantic Region! A great deal of activity has been going on since our last newsletter. We have instituted a new Marketing initiative with a pipeline reporting system to standardize and streamline our marketing reports and enable each GM to track where they are with […]

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Spring 2009

GBM Insiders

Spring 2009
2009: Bulls are Powerful and Consistent
Greetings to my fellow teammates at GBM at the first day of 2009. We started the new year off with sizeable new projects. It is even more exciting because one of them is a huge project we lost in 2008. I am proud of many of you, and […]

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Fall 2008 News

GBM Insiders

Fall 2008
General Building Maintenance Celebrates 25th Anniversary!
Most people know the story of how GBM was formed. In 1983, Sunny Park was the self-proclaimed “social worker” in the Korean community. Because of his knowledge of English and his willing- ness to help, Korean immigrants turned to him for help finding jobs and places to live, […]

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Winter 2006 News

News for the employees and friends of General Building Maintenance, Inc.

Winter 2006

A word of thanks

As we begin the New Year, I would like to send a special thanks to all of those that made 2005 so successful for GBM:

Thanks to all of the cleaners that work at night in our customers’ buildings…..without you, there would […]

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Spring 2005 News

News for the employees and friends of General Building Maintenance, Inc. Volume 3, Issue 1

Spring 2005

I am proud to be a janitor

Dear GBM Family:

Greetings! For the past six years since Don Kim took over the leadership of GBM, I did not have as much direct contact with you, although I was well informed of how […]

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