GBM and our customers have received numerous awards throughout past 31 years. Over 50 facilities GBM serves have received the TOBY (The Outstanding Building of The Year) Award.

GBM is also the recipient of Outstanding Performance Awards from AT&T, SunTrust Bank, Lincoln Properties; Fulton County Government, State of Florida; Texas Instruments, Nashville Airport Authority; and Diversity […]

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Summer 2014 News

GBM Insiders

Summer 2014
The Difference of 100 and 99 – the Significance of One
GBM’s recent newsletter articles contained a lot of numbers, as my previous article was entitled “GBM’s Core Value – Give 110 Percent Every Day.” This time, we are talking about 99 and 100.

I would like to focus on the significance of one, as […]

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Summer 2014 News

GBM Insiders

Summer 2014
William Choi Promoted to President
I am excited to announce that William Choi, GBM’s senior vice president, has been promoted to president of General Building Maintenance Inc., effective May 1, 2014.

William has been an integral part of GBM’s success, and well prepared to lead GBM to further growth. He started with GBM in 2000, […]

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Spring 2014 News

GBM Insiders

Spring 2014
Positives Attract More Positives!
Sometimes we get so caught up in the daily grind of our jobs that we can easily fail to appreciate the positive aspects of what we do for a living. One of the things I find most rewarding about my job is being able to con- tribute to the success […]

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Fall 2013 News

GBM Insiders

Fall 2013
Doing More with Less vs. “Can Do” More with Less
We constantly hear about “doing more (a lot more) with less (a lot less)” from our team members. Our day porter hours have been reduced in many accounts, or totally eliminated; our budgets in most of our accounts have been squeezed; and costs for […]

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Summer 2013 News

GBM Insiders

Summer 2013
Attitudes are Contagious… Is Yours Worth Catching?
With the many challenges each of us face in our personal and work lives, maintain- ing a positive attitude can sometimes be a difficult fight. The only way to effectively meet and overcome those challenges requires the need to develop a “never give up” attitude towards life. […]

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Spring 2013 News

GBM Insiders

Spring 2013
GBM Celebrates 30 Years of “Zero Defects” Service!
It is hard to believe that on April 1, 2013, GBM will celebrate its 30th Anniversary! It is yet another historic moment for GBM and its team members! We should all proud of what we have accomplished.

GBM had its humble beginnings in 1983, when I was […]

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Winter 2012 News

GBM Insiders

Winter 2012
Cutting & Clearing a New Path for GBM
With the fast pace of technology advancements and the necessity to tighten our belts during a struggling economy, we have all felt the pressure to perform at higher levels of efficiency, productivity and fiscal awareness. It can seem daunting to think about every- thing that’s on […]

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Fall 2011 News

GBM Insiders

Fall 2011
Positive Plan Brings Good News
The past few months have not necessarily been an easy time, but the Nashville branch is faring well. As our clients have been firming up their budgets for 2012, it is important to note that due to the quality of service we provide, they have chosen not to look […]

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Winter 2010 News

GBM Insiders

Winter 2010
Transforming Vision Into Reality in 2010
As we close the books on another successful year and anxiously look forward to the new opportunities that will be available to each of us and GBM in the coming year, I have to wonder if we each have a clear vision for our future and a process […]

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