A well-structured and industry-leading training program is essential for the productivity of our housekeeping staff, and it ensures a high level of professionalism for our clients. Effective training improves morale, promotes safety, and increases knowledge and confidence.

Our orientation course, “First Day Training” includes safety, security, and job requirements such as work days, hours, uniforms, and the results desired by our clients. GBM Conducts year round training classes for all employees, which includes, but is not limited to:

1. Training of Quality Assurance Managers / General Managers in accordance with ISO guidelines

a. Blood Borne Pathogens
b. MSDS Rules and Regulations
c. OSHA Rules and Regulations
d. Fire Prevention and Safety
e. Customer Relations
f. The ABC’s of Cleaning
g. Restroom Cleaning
h. Floor Care

2. Training of Day Porters and Cleaners

a. Blood Borne Pathogens
b. Fire Prevention and Safety
c. MSDS Rules and Regulations
d. OSHA Rules and Regulations
e. GBM Cleaning Specifications and / or Customer Provided Cleaning Specifications

3. Special Training

a. Periodic Supervisor’s Meeting
b. Special Training Covering Marble/Granite Care, Wood Floor Care, Carpet Care
c. Special Training to Introduce New Equipment and Chemicals

Training is an on-going process that allows GBM to not only grow, but also to stay competitive in our industry to provide the most complete service to our clients.